Thursday, November 11, 2010

Update November 2010

Having posted my story so far, I'd better keep it updated!

May 2009 - 2nd DiaPort implanted. This was a bit of a shot in the dark as none of the UK team had experience of the need to renew the DiaPort. It was not behaving well - absorption seemed to be unreliable and I was struggling with my blood glucose results, so the diabetologist reluctantly agreed it was worth trying a new implant.

July 2010 - DiaPort blocked. Laparoscopy under general anaesthetic showed my omentum had overgrown the cannula. This solved the problem for all of 3 weeks, before it became blocked again. At this point I started to worry - I can't have an anaesthetic once a month to keep this going, and my subcut sites were still not good. Maybe it was time for a new DiaPort even though I'd only had this one for just over a year. However, the new improved DiaPort was not yet available and the old one (the type I currently have) is no longer available. If this one couldn't be salvaged I'd have to struggle with subcut infusions until 2012.

I started to get into a routine with subcut infusion sites - rediscovering which areas were just no good, and which ones weren't too bad. I used a different type of cannula above/below the waistline and changed every 2 days even if it should have been a 3-day cannula.

November 2010 - The time came for the regular revision. A guide wire confirmed that it was indeed blocked and whatever was causing the blockage couldn't be persuaded to move aside! Fortunately the surgeon managed to slot me in for a laparoscopy (my second this year) and the pesky omentum overgrowth was cut away again, along with some adhesions.

Its such a relief to be using the DiaPort again, and my blood glucose results are great - which just proves it was worth it. I hope it stays clear much longer this time!

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