Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Final update and where to find out more...

Wow, its been over 2 years since I last posted. You can see I'm not a great blogger!

In April 2013 I had my third DiaPort implanted, my first of the new generation. This one is 'new, improved!!!' in the following ways:

✫ it has a single internal catheter (rather than a catheter surrounded by a sheath)
✫ the catheter is much softer (it will move around more easily and avoid provoking the omentum to overgrow)
✫ and a felt cuff around the port where it emerges through the skin (so the skin will form a tighter seal and better infection protection)

My wounds are healing well, and the new Diaport has behaved excellently from the moment it was implanted (yes, they plugged me in while I was still on the operating table!).

I know there isn't a lot of info about the Diaport on the www, so when people search they may find this blog and little else. I know that Roche are working to make information available to potential patients, but in the meantime more up-to-date information (hopefully) and chat (for sure) can be found on Facebook at DiaPort users

In signing off, I would like to say that with all my experience of the Diaport, even the first generation (my first two ports) and the associated laparoscopies to clear away the overgrown omentum, I would still recommend this excellent piece of kit to anyone who is struggling with subcutaneous pump therapy.


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